Penina's Reading Corner

Spreading literacy in Hawaiʻi with Usborne Books & More

"I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else."

-Neil Gaimon

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At Penina's Reading Corner, we read books all day long and we LOVE all musicals. We eat Ice cream for breakfast. Go to Hogwarts to fight, "He who must not be named." Visit my favorite vampires and werewolves in Forks. We sing my mele lāhui just as loud as any Disney sing along. We re-read the Queen's Diaries along with Little Women. We believe 'āina is life and kai cures most things and the rest... the rest just needs a little more pule and ke Akua. At Penina's Reading corner, we're passionate about literacy, giving and growing readers in this era of electronics!

Why Usborne?

There are many reasons why I chose Usborne. Today, I love reading. but growing up I struggled with reading and it made school way harder than it needed to be. I am passionate about spreading literacy and raising readers! Reading is life but most importantly, READING IS ESSENTIAL.

Everyone can access Usborne books. Growing up, we could never afford books. With Usborne, any ʻohana can host a party and get rewards for FREE books. Providing access to Usborne books in my community is everything for me!

Another thing I'm passionate about is "giving back." Through Usborne's Literacy for a Lifetime option, I have been able to provide so many opportunities for organizations to get more FREE books. It's a great program that helps organizations get more bang for their buck! I love helping people help others!